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Film Studies Essays

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The Third Man Analysis

The Third Man Film Analysis. The creative talent involved with The Third Man was considerable, as was the creative tension between them.

The Shining Film Analysis

Stanley Kubrick tells us simple story of losing complete sanity through a unique perspective. As a whole the film successfully achieves its goal of keeping the…

The Graduate Gilm Analysis

The Graduate still remained an industrial product; the film speaks to a incessant helplessness in the world, and inability to change and to create change…

True Romance Sicilian Scene Analysis

I have found that Barthes five codes are very interesting for looking at a scene in depth, I discovered things about this scene that I had not realised…

Analysis on Postmodernist Shrek

Shrek is a very excellent example of movies showing postmodernism as the filmmakers has included ironic interfacing, intertextuality, and self-reflexivity.

The Portrayal Of Female Characters In Films

Films have evolved tremendously down the years and will continue to do so at such rapid rate. As women’s roles in films continue to rise and take centre stage…

Music in Titanic Analysis

The music employed in the film is to provide two rendering functions, one is to describe the love between Jack and Rose, and the other one is for the storyline.

Music in Casablanca Analysis

What is the role of source music in Casablanca? Max Steiner, one of the great Hollywood composers, drew upon the leitmotif and achieved many subtle…

The Patriot Movie – Historical Accuracy

In the movie there are many factual errors. For example, in the beginning of the story, during the town hall meeting Burwell was saying that we killed 700…

The Graduate – Cultural Significance

The Graduate is a 1960s American film based on the novel of the same name by Charles Webb. The film tells a story of a university graduate…

Wat is feit en fictie?

Wij kregen een voorlichting van ons profielwerkstuk, tijdens die voorlichting kwamen wij eigenlijk gelijk op het idee om ons werkstuk over de Zeven Wereldwonderen te gaan doen.

African American Film Stereotypes

The life of the film industry in America has been as turbulent for African Americans like everything else. The industry which has initially been run by white …

Traditional Japan In Spirited Away

The protagonist of the film, Chihiro, has lived a pampered life in the city and is naïve and unprepared for adulthood. Her parents are…

Pop Music in Film

It is this relationship between pop music and film and the way they operate in conjunction with each other is what I am going to explore.

Billy Elliot Film Summary

The background of the film Billy Elliot was set in the context of the 1984 Miners Strike in England, where both Billy s father and older brother were miners…

Presenting Reality In Documentaries

Critically assess the argument that ‘ultimate aim of documentary is to find the perfect way of representing the real’. Analyse two or more…

Asian/Asian Americans in Film and TV

Asian men and women also have distinctive stereotypes. Asian American male and female have been continually underrepresented in the media.

Hoods by Angelia Betzien | Analysis

The current issue of domestic violence is expertly dealt with in the Epic theatre style play ‘Hoods’ by the use of dramatic languages: narration, direct address…

Mise-en-scene, Psycho | Analysis

Hitchcock has done an amazing job with Psycho’s mise-en-scene with the mixture of camera angles, lightening and editing, and the use of these elements…

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